Not Quite What I Was Planning

A friend at work told me I had to take a look at this book “Not Quite what I was Planning: Six-word Memoirs by Famous and Obscure Writers”.   The cover of the book is pretty well designed.  Inside the book the text is designed as well.  The words on the cover are arranged into a number 6.  The word “memoirs” in the banner on the cover is coming off the page which gives the cover a level of velocity.

Before opening this book, I had not realized that someone could tell so much in as little as six words.  Some are written as poems, others as gossip headlines.  Some made me laugh, others made me cry.  I think I’d like a copy of this to turn to and read and ponder just one 6 word memoir each day.

Six of my favourites:

“Cheese is the essence of life.” – Mary Lynch

“Made labor saving software: thousands unemployed.” – George Girton

“EDITOR. Get it?”

“I write because I can’t sleep.” – Ben Mezrich

“Somehow she lived without an iPod.” – Jennifer Grouser

“Thought long and hard. Got migraine.” – Lisa Levy


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