Failure to Fail

I just read this in the Walrus Magazine.  I thought it was quite interesting – especially since I can’t think of a single person who failed out of university and I have been in university for 6 years now.  Still, some of the article I disagree with such as the fact that returning to school on a part time basis seems to be looked down upon in a way through the article and I have been a part time student by choice as I prefer to split my time between work and school.  Although I think it is the experience of learning, doing your own research in university that matters, not the actual grades, this article makes me really question the value of my university education.


One response to “Failure to Fail

  1. I know quite a few people who have failed classes. If people could not fail in a class then I would question the level of education however people fail classes all the time. It is their own fault if they continue to take a class and they continue to fail. I can’t blame universities for letting them.

    I know people who have been put on probation and then managed to straighten out and bring their grades up. Most students choose to leave before the probation is up if they are not managing.

    Plus universities are profit makers…

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