The Importance of Clear Language

I don’t know about you, but I must say that at times I am guilty of not using clear language – though I try really hard to be clear! I think all the practice with drafting legal documents in a law firm and in a real estate office has obfuscated my writing to a degree and studying for a masters degree has got me speaking in the specialist academic jargon of my discipline.

There have definitely been moments while working at the reference desk where I find myself struggling to talk in concrete regular terms that non-specialists in library science can understand.

Guy Ewing, the professor of the adult literacy class I am taking through OISE mentioned to the class about CLAD (Clear Language and Design). On this website you’ll find a tool to test readability of your documents.

Now when I first read this post I thought to myself about the tool in MS Word about readability.  The CLAD tool is far better since it is clear about helping you to create a more readable document for your audience.

Clear Language and Design is something we should all learn about, and it is something even more important for specialists to learn and understand. Thank you to the East End Literacy Group for creating this free (useful and valuable) tool.


2 responses to “The Importance of Clear Language

  1. clear language…Hm sometimes it’s boaring

  2. favorited this one, brother

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