Red Carpet?

While reading feeds I came across this post on Tame the Web.  Basically the post is about an airline where premier customers get routed across a red carpet while regular customers do not.  The red carpet seems to be there more to make premier customers look special or different from the regular customers.  The post asks us to consider if we do this in libraries.  My thought is that library cards are like this.  People who have a home address and ID get to take the “red carpet” route and get a library card within the library whereas people who recently moved and don’t have updated ID, are living in a shelter, working or going to school or some other circumstance aside from home ownership in the area that qualifies them for the card have more trouble getting a library card.  Library cardholders where I work are entitled to 2 hours a day on the computers but non-cardholders get only a 1/2 hour a day.  That is probably harder to swallow than watching people walk across a red carpet.  Also access to interlibrary loan materials is only available to library cardholders.  One other thing is that library cardholders can access multimedia such as DVD, VHS films, but non-cardholders do not have access.  There is no viewing station in the library and they are unable to take these materials home.  One other thought on this is that I advertised a library program in the library and got enormous feedback and then the advertisement was placed in the newspaper and the program was filled the day it went in the paper.  Anybody who had not been in the library or had not visited our website was unable to register for this program – talk about red carpet treatment.  I wish there was an easier way to make the processes more equal and accessible to everyone.


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