Consolation by Michael Redhill

I never realized how much was out there about Consolation, a book by Michael Redhill.  This happens to be the best thing I have come across to date.  A map of the plans for the City of Toronto in 1858 with the places in Consolation marked on the map with yellow dots and real historical places marked with red dots.   You can zoom in and you could create your own tour of the city and the places discussed in the book!

Speaking of tours…  you could download this mp3 and go on a walking tour which begins at King and Jarvis and ends at the Air Canada Centre.  This walking tour is about 45 minutes long.

Toronto Public Library has a BookBuzz page with information on the novel and Michael Redhill has his own blog about the novel and another about his life in France over the past year.

I think this sounds like a really great book club.  I love the ideas and the creativity involved.  I had no idea that TPL ran online book clubs of this nature – I might just take part as I finish reading this book!


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