Advertising – Lickable Ads

Stephen’s post on Library Stuff lead me to  this article (Marketers Salivate Over Lickable Ads: Magazines Try out a Tasty Strategy; Overcoming the ‘Ick” by Suzanne Vranica Feb. 13, 2008 edition of the Wallstreet Journal page B3).  I can’t help but wonder how quickly this ad will be tasted at our library – Ew! Disgusting! I think it is really gross to have advertisements like that in magazines that you can find in libraries and doctor’s offices.

Still, the idea of giving people a taste of a product or service through advertising is interesting.  I wonder how libraries could do this?  Do posters for library programs provide a taste of the program through visuals (pictures and words)?  What about library websites?  Definitely something to ponder.


One response to “Advertising – Lickable Ads

  1. I totally agree! The ick factor is a little extreme for me.

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