What I am Reading

Professional Reading

digital imaging: a practical handbook by Stuart D. Lee
-although this book is published in 2001 and some of the technology is out of date, the book has some great questions to ask when beginning a digitization project. I don’t agree with everything the author says – especially not the idea that microfilm “under correct conditions will be readable (using very limited technology) in hundreds of years.” (6) since taking a course on archives and preservation I have become aware that microfilm has been made with all sorts of materials and that the objects themselves generally last much longer than the microfilm. In fact, we have microfilm at the library where I work that is already showing signs of deterioration (and it is not even 50 year old microfilm)

Feliciter (a journal of the Canadian Library Association
– I especially love the pictures from the movies in Paul McCormick’s article “Preserving Canada’s Cultural Heritage: The National Film Board”. It makes me want to see more NFB movies.

Access a journal of the Ontario Library Association
-I just received my copy today and can’t wait to read through the articles!

Personal Reading

Consolation by Michael Redhill
– a friend of mine recommended this book. It is the Toronto Reads book, though I am not sure it would appeal to all Torontonians. So far the book is suspenseful and it jumps back and forth to different periods of time and locations in Toronto. It has me hooked. Some of the conversation in the book is not great when read aloud since names are repeated an awful lot in a way that doesn’t happen when conversing out loud – a friend (not the friend who recommended the book to me) pointed that out to me when I was reading a passage out loud. Still, despite that criticism it is a page turner of a book and I am really enjoying it and love that I am learning about Toronto’s history from the book too.

a long way gone by Ishmael Beah
– I am not far enough into this book to comment. I understand that Beal has been criticized for getting some dates wrong, but that doesn’t matter to me in my reading of this book. I want to understand the politics and the personal side of what happened. The parts of the book that I have flipped through and read are described in such detail that I know this book is going to be a disturbing read, but I think it is a necessary read to understand what is happening in the world outside my fortunately cushy place here in the western hemisphere. Maybe this book will help me find ways I can help out more and maybe it will help me to understand where some of the people coming into the library are coming from.


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