In Praise of Slow – Part II

I finished reading In Praise of Slow by Carl Honoré a few days ago and have given myself some time to think about it before coming up with this final post.

What I loved about the book:
– quotations at the beginning of every chapter
– references to other books which I am now very interested to read
– Carl Honoré’s easy and pleasing to read writing style – this non-fiction book reads almost like a good piece of fiction in that the writing style is smooth and draws you in but not in a way that is manipulative.
– the main premise is reasonable – Honoré argues that “There is no one-size-fits-all formula for slowing down, no universal guide to the right speed. Each person, act, moment has its own eigenzeit. Some people are happy living at a speed that would send the rest of us to an early grave. Everyone must have the right to choose the pace that makes them happy. As Uwe Kliemt, the Tempo Giusto pianist, says, ‘The world is a richer place when we make room for different speeds.'” (275)
– I love the funny notation on the jacket of the book that Honoré “got a speeding ticket while researching this book.
– the book has an index, resource list (with magazines, websites and books) and notes too

What could have been better?
– the chapter on education should have included more statistics. I felt that this chapter was too anecdotal and that it should have included stronger evidence. Still, in defense of the author, knowing that this book was on the New York Times best sellers list, anecdotal evidence has a certain level of appeal to people so I can understand if that was the reason why it was used. It also helps to make the story more personal and readable for a larger audience too.

With all the busy-ness of Christmas wrapping up (or unwrapping) I am hoping that I can get back to my own tempo giusto in life after today. Happy holidays to all my loyal blog readers and wishing you all a happy 2008 too!


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