In Praise of Slow…

I just started reading “In praise of slow” by Carl Honoré. It sounded like a really interesting book – I gave a copy away at the stress workshop held at the library and added this one to my reading list. It arrived earlier this week at the library and now that school is out I have time (funny to say that – you would understand if you read his book) to do some reading of my personal choice – hurray! I think that I may just be one of the “time sick” people that Carl Honoré is talking about, but I slowly I am getting better. Just that there are so many things I want to do and I do not want to give up things either!

Carl Honoré will be doing a talk at the OLA SuperConference in Toronto at the end of January, so you may be interested in reading his book if you are attending.

Speaking of SuperConference, I just found out that I am going for the entire conference and am so incredibly excited. Last year I volunteered and it was a really great experience but extremely tiring. It will be a great change to have the chance to attend all the sessions I would like to attend. I plan to attend several sessions on marketing since this is a huge part of my job right now. There is so much that I want to learn so this is a wonderful opportunity for me!

I just wrapped up my course work for this term. I finished my course on library management and information literacy. In January I will be taking a course on preservation of documents and I am really happy that I got permission to take a course in adult literacy through OISE.

There is so much to look forward to in January – I can hardly wait!


2 responses to “In Praise of Slow…

  1. my friend talk me about this book, he said that this book is very interesting. I can’t find the ebook , do you have this, can u give me the ebook.Thank u very much.

  2. Hello Sun;

    I tried searching, but was unable to find this as an audio book. I looked in Google and also in books in print. Could you find out from your friend about how s/he found the book in audio edition? It doesn’t seem to be available for purchase as an audio book and I can’t seem to find it.

    There is, however, a book called:
    Slow Down & Green Up – The Beginners Guide to Downshifting
    By Tracey Smith

    This book has reportedly been given the seal of approval by Carl Honore (author of In Praise of Slow). This is a free e-book that you can access if you register at Holistic Local (

    Also, the author’s blog and book website are available at:

    All the best,

    K. 🙂

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