McMaster Library is Changing

iLibrarian has a post which refers to this article in the December 2007 issue of University Affairs, which talks about Jeff Trzeciak, a tech-savvy University Librarian at McMaster University who is at the forefront of change happening in academic libraries and academic library spaces.   Apparently the currently library “Thode”  is going to be a transformed and I quote:

“A café, diner-style booths, stand-up workstations, oversized ottomans, and even coffee tables with pillows on the floor will take their place, all equipped for online access. Interactive touch-screen monitors will line the wall.”

It sounds like Jeff Trzeciak has taken on an incredibly large advocacy project and done so successfully from this article.  I think that academic libraries need to change to continue to encourage students to use academic library spaces and access all the resources even for papers where there are more than enough e-resources available to gain a satisfactory grade.  My only concern is:  will there be any quiet study space or does the younger generation using the university not require quiet study space any more?

As a mid-20-something who is still studying at a university my thought is that I personally like to visit libraries with quiet and comfortable study spaces that allow wireless Internet access and allow lots of natural light into the building.  Also, it is especially nice when I can bring in my cup of tea – for me that is an absolute necessity on some days!  I find that more and more public libraries allow me to do that, but most academic libraries do not allow covered drinks in the library.  Allowing students to bring in covered drinks is a welcome convenience when students plan to study inside the library, at least in certain spaces within the library where computers and irreplaceable reference books will not be subjected to possible water damage from students who spill their drinks.


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