I really miss working with kids on a Hallowe’en day like today. I love Hallowe’en. I remember as a kid always having to wear a winter coat underneath my Hallowe’en costume and that I always thought it ruined the effect. This year I bet the kids will be happy and look better than ever as they don’t need their coats – the weather is gorgeous! I’ve seen a few kids in costume already – a princess, Peppie le Pew (is that the right spelling?) and I even saw a (librarian) kid at heart dressed as a subject tree! Pretty creative costume! Sometimes Hallowe’en gives me nightmares about dentists… I think it has to do with the chocolates and candy and the crazy teeth people carve into their pumpkins and wear with their Hallowe’en costumes.

In case like me you are interested in the history of Hallowe’en (Samhain, All-hallows eve, Feralia, Pomona, and All-hallowmas) you could begin your search here and if you are really keen here is a boo-ography of facts about Hallowe’en in general and a on the topic.

For those of you with some understanding of binary math and hexadecimals, I just found a funny which talks about “why Oct. 31 equals Dec. 25 in Hexadecimal” and thereby “why computer geeks celebrate Hallowe’en on Christmas”. Essentially, the punch line is: “Octal 31 has the same value as decimal 25. Both octal and October are abbreviated as oct and both December and decimal are abbreviated as dec. October 31 is Halloween and December 25 is Christmas. Ha ha! He he? Ho ho.” Umm… well, I guess about all I can say to that is…


muah ha ha ha! 😀

Wishing you all a ghoulish day filled with scares and treats!  Happy Hallowe’en!


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