word on the street…

Librarian Activist writes that a rally is being organized by citizen members of the Toronto Public Library Board and the Writers Union of Canada  and that an invitation is extended to all Toronto residents who value their public libraries as democratic, educational and cultural hubs to join us to support fair taxes.  The rally is being held at Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street on Sunday, October 21st from 12-1pm.

The reasons for the rally:

“The Toronto Public Library gets 91% of its funding from the City of Toronto. So as Toronto goes, so does the Library. If the Library is asked to make cuts, the only discretionary fund with enough money in it to cut from is our materials budget (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) This could mean that the TPL purchases 350,000 fewer materials in 2008. Consequently, patrons would only find the book they are looking for in one of every three trips to the library.”

Wondering if it is a real possibility that TPL may no longer be able to purchase new books???

Check out this story published by the CBC about a Nova Scotia library system that has had its budget cut so much they can no longer afford to purchase new books.


4 responses to “word on the street…

  1. hey chica…

    you might want to drink coffee in the morning before blogging about attending ‘future’ events that have already happened… *grin*

  2. ummm… yeah, coffee… me… can you even imagine that combination? Thanks for catching my mistake – or would that be an error? Really though, thanks for telling me as I was seriously considering attending :)K.

  3. in my opinion, it is neither a mistake or an error – c’est simplement une toute petite faute d’inattention. et en passant, j’aime bien ton blogue – continue le beau travail!

  4. Merci KL;) I wish I knew enough French to properly reply to you, but my French is unfortunately unintelligible. Thank you ever so much for the kind compliments though, that is ever so kind!

    Speaking of this rally though, I never even saw mention of it in the newspaper, did you? or did anyone else hear about it?

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