National Dictionary Day…

I had no idea before today that there even was a National Dictionary Day!  To celebrate, we can all open up the Oxford Language Dictionaries Online websiteThey are offering free access to their site until October 21st.  BUT don’t expect to find this site to be anything at all like Google Language Tools or Babel Fish Translation.  Oxford translates a single word at a time and provides multiple meanings so that you can (hopefully) determine the context.  HOWEVER, it contains useful phrases, information about festivals and holidays as well as weblinks for teachers and people learning the language too.  Although this is all very interesting indeed, I still must admit that I would not pay for this service as I would not use it often enough.  I much prefer to access my hardcover dictionary, except for the fact that I have to lug it around with me in the event that I need it – or stop at the library or bookstore!


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