A Pie-Rat Party!

My coworkers threw me a Pie-Rat Party to wish me the best in returning to school.  Everyone wore pirate hats (the newspaper kind that I had folded for my story time kids) and chocolate treats, some fruit too – yum yum!

It was a small gathering of everyone working that day at the branch and the big boss from the central library came over too – it was nice and touched my heart that they did that for me though I was only working there for the summer.

I will miss the friends I made while working there and the kids I read the stories to as well.

To be honest I was quite embarrassed about the hats and felt I couldn’t wear it amongst adults, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d have thought as we all were wearing them and looked rather ridiculous together – even the bosses!  Maybe I have made some difference there after all as I don’t think they’d have worn pirate hats at the library if it weren’t for me?

So, now I am feeling like a pirate that’s about to jump ship and join another clan, so today for my last shift I will bring treats and a card to wish them all well and thank them for all they have taught me and for being such great coworkers.  Pirates love treasure and rum.  Unfortunately, I can’t be bringing rum for me mates to the library, and the school has ransacked me bank account so the treasures I can provide weren’t all that much – definitely not gold, diamonds or anything of that sort.  Still, I hope me mates be happy for the treats I bring today and a card with words of thanks!  Arr!  🙂


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