Tag You’re It!

Thanks for the challenge Jess – and believe me it was a challenge! (I got tagged by Jess, to post 8 little known facts about myself and might I say this is really tough to do.) I think this is as personal as my blog has gotten so far.

8 Reveals:

1. I am afraid to talk in front of people – even to do story time with kids – but I just figured out last week that when I dress up for story time I am not *quite* as nervous doing it.

2. I like to dabble at art, but I never know when I am “finished” any of my projects so many times I get frustrated and sometimes give up!

3. Most of the time, I really can (and will) find the book you are looking for – even if you can’t remember the author or title.

4. I edit myself a lot – probably too much – even when I am writing blog posts, emails and notes to myself! I am not sure if this is a result of spending so much time in school, or working at a law firm, a combination of things, or something else entirely.

5. Most days I really do not want to go out running, and have to challenge myself to simply run down my street.  Once I kick myself out the door and make it past the local grocery store I end up running farther and when I get home I feel great! Still, most days I don’t want to go out and run until I am actually out there running.  I am tremendously guilty as this week I haven’t been out running at all – not even once.

6. I have never managed to get through LOTR and also I’ve never been able to read very far into any of Jane Austen’s books and this makes me feel like a fake/fraud as an almost librarian!

7.  This one goes alongside Reveal 2 – I have a real bad habit of starting projects at home and then (conveniently) forgetting to finish them.  I have great intentions, really, I do!

8. I love orchids and have 4 of them – My favorite is my Dancing Lady Orchid. I nearly bought a Lady Slipper Orchid the other day, but sadly I began to think rationally and decided that I don’t have space right now for any more orchid plants – though I really wish I did!


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