Being a Librarian is a Surprisingly Stressful Occupation

Check it out:

Today a coworker sent me an e-mail that the BBC news published an article Librarians ‘suffer most stress’

I had no idea about about the stress level of librarians before getting into this occupation and after reading this article I am beginning to question whether being a librarian in Canada is different from the UK – and really truly hoping that it is!

According to the article, psychologist Saqub Saddiq surveyed about 300 people from 5 different occupations (librarians, firefighters, police, teachers and train operators) and found that “Librarians are the most unhappy with their workplace, often finding their job repetitive and unchallenging”.

Apparently, the study looked at “nine “stressors”, such as how much control workers thought they had over their working day, their workload and how much they earned.” As well, it looked at “absenteeism, job satisfaction and whether work stress spilled over into their private life.” The initial hypothesis had been that librarians have the least stress, but the findings indicate they have the most. The article quotes Saddiq as saying “Firefighters and police are trained to deal with the stresses that their jobs undoubtedly entail; librarians and school teachers are less likely to have these support systems in place. […] In addition, stress impacts different personalities in different ways, and different personalities may be drawn to different roles.”

This will definitely be an interesting study to read and I will most definitely have to look for it! I am wondering if being a librarian really is the most stressful, or if it is the people that the researcher chose to survey and possibly personality difference as Saddiq notes.


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