Thumb on a Diamond by Ken Roberts

I read this novel today on my lunch break at work and quite enjoyed it. It won the Silver Birch award and it is a children’s book.

Ken Roberts is CEO of Hamilton Public Library and did one of the lectures for Wendy Newman’s advocacy class. I really enjoyed the lecture and was interested to see what he writes. If you haven’t already, you should check out the Hamilton Portal. It is pretty neat to learn how a library could work with the city and non-profits to put this site together – what an advocacy project!

As for the book, I am happy to report that I was not in the least disappointed – in fact, I was quite impressed and enjoyed the book. There is adult appeal as well as kid appeal in this book

Thumb on a Diamond is a sequel to The Thumb in the Box (unfortunately, I have not read this book). Thumb on a Diamond is about Leon (a.k.a. Thumb) who lives in a fictional fishing village in northern B.C. It begins with a writer and illustrator getting shipwrecked to the town. Somehow this inspires Thumb and his classmates to want to see the city. The devise a great plan, setting up a baseball team in a village where there are barely enough people to play on a single baseball team and where there has never been a baseball team before. However, there is no team to play against them and the biggest problem of all is that there is no baseball field in the village and not enough space to practice throwing and hitting a baseball! Despite these major obstacles, the team watches all the baseball movies they can, practices throwing rocks into the ocean and with the help of some great adults, the team manages to get to Vancouver to play in a baseball tournament. Having never played a game of baseball before the team is doomed to fail, but all the movies out there that they have watched show the underdogs win in these situations. I’ll leave it to you to read to find out how this team does in the baseball tournament!


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