CLA Part II: The long awaited update

The other sessions I attended at the conference included:

Mary Pratt – keynote session
Pratt is a contemporary realist painter and she spoke about how libraries can be a magical place for children. Her talk was inspirational. If you are interested, check out my article in the Signal (CLA’s conference newsletter).

Mildly Delirious: Recreating you library from top to bottom
This session explained the G.A.S.P. principles (Graphics. Ambience. Style. Presentation.) as used by West Palm Beach Public Library to recreate a library space. Getting staff involved was a huge key to the success, as was creating a vision beforehand of the library space and idea in advance of the recreating of the library space. If you are interested, check out the site on GASP and West Palm Beach Public Libraries.

I attended the CLA’s Annual General Meeting where the good news was, that student fees have been reduced drastically. They are even going to consider taking away the fee to get into the conferences for students too, which would mean, all we must cover is transportation, food and hotel costs. At least that would help some of us! Hopefully that’ll be approved next year – too late for most of us, but helpful to future students.

Touring the Johnson Geo Centre was pretty neat! You can check out their website. Basically, the Geo Centre is a geological interpretation centre. The building itself is pretty remarkable since it is built using natural rock walls – basically a ceiling and a floor were put up and the walls are completely natural rock and were already formed. You begin by going down an elevator and then you get to watch a movie about the building itself and about rocks and how they were formed. I quite enjoyed that and learned a whole lot!


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