The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle is an incredibly positive and reflective account of Walls’ childhood moving from one place to another and fluctuating from lower middle class to poverty.  It was clear from reading the book that I have taken many things for granted my entire life including the simplest of things like running water.  The truth is that I rarely consider that so many people live in such squalor conditions in Canada and America.  Reading this book gave me a window into a whole other world and a vision of what a strong and self-made woman truly is all about and some insight into what poverty truly is all about.  Walls argues that “sometimes people get the lives that they want” while denying her own background and her parents homelessness.  (p. 256)  The book is well written and told from the heart.  The account is loaded with truth and writing it must have required Walls’ to confront everything in her life.   As a reader, I admire Walls for her honest writing and her  inner strength to  overcome  any obstacle that ever got in her way.  I can’t wait to hear what is said about this book in the SOLS non-fiction readers’ advisory mapping session I will be attending later this week.


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