I am feeling a bit like a dinosaur – I am so old that I can’t remember what I liked to do when I was 8-11 years old!  I thought I’d always be a kid at heart, but now I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I am actually sadly growing up and leaving Neverland behind.

I have been put in charge of organizing a 45 minute session for 8-11 year olds about DINOSAURS this summer.   Anyone have any ideas?  Anything messy is out as the program will be held inside the library.  Also, its a drop in session so its anyone’s guess how many kids show up – could be anywhere from 15 to 40 – there’s no minimum or max. as far as I’m aware!


3 responses to “Dinosaurs…

  1. hey miss krista!

    i really like the look of your new blog! and there is NO way you’re not a kid at heart! maybe you can get a visitor’s pass to adultland once in a while… because neverland is so much better!

    as for dinosaur ideas, is this still like a programme? will you be reading books? singing songs? i went through some of the sites on the ypfis wiki, and found two possible links for you: http://www.first-school.ws/theme/animals/dinosaurs.htm and http://boardmanweb.com/party/dino.htm (check out the games and activities). you can always have a lot of handouts ready – you know, just the basic stuff like colouring pages, dinosaur-themes crosswords and find-a-words, maybe links to dinosaur games online (older kids can go check them out if kiddie games are being played), dino fact sheets… maybe a dino origami? what about a version of twister but with dino paw prints? do you know if they have dinosaur comics? it would be cool if you could get your hands on some basic pages where you could white-out the text and let the kids write up their own stories… maybe you could draw your own! 🙂

    sorry if i’m repeating stuff you had already thought of…

    ok, i’ll stop now… good luck! kl 😉

  2. KL YOU are AWESOME and I owe you big time for these ideas. I love them!!! Thank you!!! You are going to be the coolest librarian ever. 🙂 K.

  3. you’re welcome! what i’m wondering is how you’re going to organize the whole thing? (for example, will you be creating different activity centres? or will you run the programme through a schedule?…) i have never done a programme – not a real one anyway! could you share how you went about organizing the session? and how it went/how kids responded, please? thanks chica 😉

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