Reader’s Advisory…

I just came across a post on about a website by Yann Martel – author of The Life of Pi. Apparently Martel has commited himself to sending Stephen Harper a book every two weeks to promote the arts. Check it out here. I am going to try to keep an eye on this website to see if there is any response from Stephen Harper.

All this got me wondering if librarians could somehow get involved – not sending Stephen Harper books every other week, but somehow libraries could offer a service where we actually were to “send” books either e-books or paper books (a reader’s advisory type of program) to library users on a regular basis for people that are too busy to make it to the library (assuming that they would return the books when they finished reading)…

I don’t know if any libraries are doing this already. I wonder if library users who subscribed would be willing to cover the delivery charges for this service ? I don’t think libraries could cover the cost and I don’t think the Canada Post book rate would work for that type of service either.

Seriously though, I am concerned that so many people, myself included, end up buying books rather than going to the library because the book they wanted is not available, they are too busy to pick up the book from the library and don’t even know about the selection and variety of material available to them. I wonder if a reader’s advisory service that came with regular delivery of books would help to increase library usage? Though this sure would involve a lot of work!


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