Advocacy in the Special Library Context

Stephen Abrams posted an interview with himself and Wendy Newman at the Faculty of Information Studies in an interview on advocacy in special libraries.

I just finished listening to the interview and found it to be well worth listening to. Most of the information was typical of what was taught in Wendy Newman’s advocacy course though it was interesting to hear the side of the special librarian, though it was more from the side of the vendor. As librarians, I believe we must be respectful towards vendors, they are providing us with the tools we need to do our job better, and at the same time we must stand up for the interests of our customers and our libraries to get what is right. The corporate world is not all bad and it is crucial that we develop relationships with vendors to better library services and tools too.

I was especially keen to hear Mr. Abrams advice to those about to begin as new professionals in the field. He advises that we know ourselves. It is crucial to work hard at our personal strengths and partner with people who fill our weaknesses. I really liked that and believe that to be quite true and important in most relationships. Also, he urged that we get involved in our library associations for learning, advocacy and influence, as well as networking. Even if we have little or no power in our workplace, the association will give us the experience, networks and knowledge to succeed in our future careers.


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