OLA Super Conference

The OLA Conference was really amazing. To be in the same place as so many librarians, library staff, authors, teachers, principals and people who care about literacy was really an incredible experience for me. I volunteered giving conference delegates directions, stuffing conference bags and helping out with registration. When I got time off I attended some of the sessions and the ones I attended were well worth it. I attended a session on the Orillia Public Library’s Lifescapes program about helping people to write their memoirs. I found that talk really inspiring as I have written down memoirs for a few individuals as part of a summer company I ran last year. Also, another talk that stands out was one about reading graphic novels. I had no idea that there was such a breadth of material covered in graphic novels and that there were just so many genres. I really am going to have to try reading them. I talked to a kid the other day and she said she has trouble reading novels that are words only and prefers the graphic novels. She really urged me to try reading them, so this summer my goal is to read at least 2! Definitely, I am writing it into my calendar to attend OLA 2008!


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