Books for every child

I took a detour last week to avoid the rain and found myself in the Atrium at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, right in front of a children’s library that I didn’t know existed! I was amazed to see that at 9am on a weekday it was buzzing with activity and youth of all ages were inside the library enjoying what it had to offer. I toured the library and spoke with the librarian and was and still am quite impressed. Apparently the library has been around for some time, approximately 10 years. It was created through a partnership with the school board, the hospital and TPL. I think its a wonderful gift to any child who needs to spend time in a hospital. Books were always an escape for me as a kid. Hospitals should be encouraged to develop spaces for children and teens like this. I wonder if there are any statistics or research done to support the benefits of libraries in hospitals? This is something I’d like to explore further.


One response to “Books for every child

  1. I have been working on a project for ten years now to provide new, unique care for hospitalized children and their families.
    I hope that you will look at my “Duanewyatt’s Blog” on this “” website for the photos and information about my “kid’s club” project.
    The unit you will see in the photos is available for donation to good uses.
    Best regards,
    Duane Wyatt

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