Being a Librarian is a Way of Life

Before going into library school I hadn’t realized that for me, becoming a librarian would be a way of life. Today I was working on an essay at a local library where I have never worked and no one knows me, yet I got asked a reference question by someone sitting nearby and happily helped him. Then, the reference desk staff was asking me questions too! So, today I went from writing a statistics essay to figuring out who the alderman was for the gentleman sitting near me and then figuring out where to find pictures of thatched roof cottages in England for the reference desk at a small branch library. I was happy for the distraction from statistics and happy to be able to help out. Being a librarian is great and it always feels so great when I can help find them the information they need. Its always good to make contacts too and helping people is a way for me to meet new contacts.


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