I just discovered the new social music networking site Last.FM and highly recommend it. I have found myself tired of radio which plays the same songs over and over and has too many advertisements. I get tired of CDs as I rarely like every song on a CD and only like to listen to so much of an artist before I get bored with it.

The benefit of Last.FM is that you can type in the name of an artist or band you like and you can listen to a steady stream of music by artists of a similar nature. So far I have found the variety to be really good. Also, you can get into talking to people with similar musical taste, which I haven’t quite explored yet. Another great thing though is that Last.FM has introduced me to some new artists I hadn’t heard before on the radio and am really enjoying their music. Some of my friends have said that we are in the dark ages with music. There is more focus on the body of the performers and the same riffs are repeated over and over with nothing new happening in the music scene for some time now.

My prediction is that Last.FM will revolutionize the music industry! If only I could get Internet Access in my car to listen to Last.FM!

I wonder what Last.FM is going to mean for libraries. If you have any ideas let me know. It is definitely something to ponder. I think we will definitely be seeing a lot of change in libraries with all of the social networks being created. This might even be a great source for looking up information on artists as a starting point. It is wiki based, but for current music and groups that tends to be a great source for getting the latest information, though it would be best to verify information as anyone can make any changes they desire to a wiki.


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