Do Libraries Matter? A Response to Chad & Miller

Article Review

Chad, K. & Miller, P. (2005). Do Libraries Matter? The rise of Library 2.0. Talis. Retrieved October 12, 2006.

Chad and Miller’s paper on Library 2.0 advocates for the need of libraries to become full service information centers, however, Library 2.0 is not the sole platform that libraries ought to use. Instead, libraries must work alongside Web 2.0 technology and find ways to help users navigate the Internet to find the information they require. A clear definition of Library 2.0 ought to be provided to readers of the paper, rather than four vague principles, many that have been implemented in whole or in part in large and medium sized public library systems. Also, the writers failed to address confidentiality issues, which are important to library users. Moreover, Chad and Miller misdirect readers from the practical problems that Library 2.0 creates. Finally, Library 2.0 does not amount to a revolution as the white paper’s authors suggest. Instead, the paper may be the beginnings of a manifesto on the future of libraries as full service information centers. With drastic alteration in several fundamental ways, the Chad and Miller paper may provide the seeds for the creation of a manifesto on the future of libraries in the Western world.


5 responses to “Do Libraries Matter? A Response to Chad & Miller

  1. Jungle Librarian

    I totally agree with you. I also felt that the article was missing some really fundamental parts. It seemed really one-sided.

  2. I think your point about this article’s idea potentially becoming a manifesto was well borne out: as Michael Casey says, Library 2.0 was “born in the biblioblogsphere”! Oh, collaborative effort.
    I wanted, in attempting to discuss this article, a word to convey both “sales-pitch” as well as “melodrama”. I was unsuccessful.

  3. You pinned the major flaw with the Talis article: it offers no concrete applications. The reader is left to imagine how Library 2.0 might manifest itself.

  4. I felt very frustrated about the lack of examples in this article. Like, what else can the library do besides linking their catalog with Amazon? geez.

  5. Hi Krista! I never even thought of confidentiality, interesting! I really wonder why Talis thought they were being so revolutionary .. an intergrated library loan system? They need to come over to Toronto and see how many branches we have and how great our ILL system is. I suppose they are arguing from the UK/Ireland view, where apparently the library system is fragmented and .. horrible sounding. See you in class!
    Julie Anne Richardson

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