What is a cybrarian anyway?


A cybrarian is a library and information specialist who also specializes in using the Internet as a reference and resource tool. (Knowles, 2005)

Work Cited:

Knowles, G. (2005). Cybrarian. In Whatis?com: The leading IT encyclopedia and learning centre. Retrieved September 20, 2005, from: http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/0,,sid9_gci213634,00.html


3 responses to “What is a cybrarian anyway?

  1. “Cybrarian” is actually a word? Cool!

    Do you think that if digital books replace physical books, more librarians will adopt this term? Or do you think it’ll be strictly for librarians who specialize in using the Net?

  2. Learning Librarian

    Thanks for the comments Greg! I think those questions are worthy of a post so I’ll have to come up with a more complete answer soon!

    My short answer though is that pretty much any librarian today has to be a cybrarian. From working as a reference librarian in a public library I realize that library users believe librarians are in fact cybrarians – that they can come to the library to ask questions about what is wrong with their computers (yes, I am talking about home computers) and how to find the information they need on the Internet.

    I can’t really say though as to whether or not the growing market for digital books will actually make more librarians adopt this term. I don’t know of anyone yet with cybrarian as their job title, but with the existing digital libraries out there I am sure it is a possibility and its not all that far-fetched either.


  3. I like the word cybrarian. I’ve worked on many digitizing projects scanning books and manuscripts and I definitely felt like a cyborg, mechanically flipping pages and staring at the computer screen.

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